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Engage Record software provides rock-solid call recording easily tailored to support service excellence, policy adherence, and regulatory compliance. Recordings enable staff to resolve disputes quickly, support legal defense, and mine fresh business intelligence.

The Challenge

Fred is a front desk associate at a large hotel. As he greets another customer about to check into his hotel, he informs the guest that the room rate is $300 per night. The guest says that she was quoted $150 per night when she made the reservation by phone last week. Fred knows that the hotel often offers discounts, but he believes a 50% discount is
extraordinary. Fred faces a dilema:

• Does he honor the rate that the guest says she was given, even though he suspects that it is wrong?
• Is there any way to validate what was actually quoted?
• How can he resolve this without offending the customer?

Fred informs the guest that he is not authorized to approve that rate and must call his manager. The Manager quickly arrives and assesses the situation. The Manager has encountered this situation in the past, and knows that the hotel has implemented a solution with TelStrat’s Engage Call Recording and Workforce Optimization which will allow him to make an informed decision to resolve the dispute.

The Solution

Since the hotel records all phone calls to the reservation desk, the answer is a simple search for the call recording. All the Manager needs to know is the date the call was made and the recording can be located. Of course, other information such as the phone number from which the guest called or the agent with whom the guest spoke makes the search
even easier.

The Manager tells the guest, “We record all of our reservation calls so please give me a minute to locate and replay the call and I can validate the rate you were quoted.” The guest responds that perhaps she had confused this reservation with another and that she will pay the standard $300 nighlty rate.

While most guests would not try to take advantage of the situation, there is the occasion where this is not true. The significant rate difference could cause losses to the business if rates are habitually undercut. The hotel has realized this through experience, and made a smart business decision to invest in a Call Recording solution from TelStrat.

Additionally, the Manager has found that by listening to a sample of the call recordings he can:
• Ensure that his agents are being courteous to potential guests.
• Learn how his agents handle difficult situations on the phone and train them for better performance.

The hotel’s investment in TelStrat’s Engage Call Recording and Quality Management solution was quickly returned through savings in lost profits from discounted rates and increased customer loyalty from more efficient and friendly customer service.


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