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Using Workforce Management for Efficient Scheduling

With Engage Workforce Management software you can accurately and easily schedule skilled agents to meet service levels. Wizard tools make forecasting simple. Schedules update instantly based on demand.

The Challenge

Daniel has been managing a contact center for several years and has always felt that his center is fairly efficient. However, when walking around the building last week he noticed that several agents were at their workstations, but not on calls. Other days he has seen everyone on the phone as he would expect.

He never has any trouble meeting his SLAs but wonders if he has too many people on some days and not enough on others. He has four senior agents that manage spreadsheets to make the schedules but isn’t certain they are taking into account all of the needed data to properly schedule the team. He runs several operations reports to analyze the data.

Daniel’s contact center reports confirm his suspicion that he often has too many people scheduled. While it is not his goal to remove people from their jobs, he does want to take on more customers. He realizes that with better resource utilization, he can manage more business with the same number of agents, improve the bottom line, and have a truly efficient organization.

The Solution

Daniel is using Engage WFO software from TelStrat for call recording and quality management and knows that it includes a Workforce Management module as well. He arranges a demonstration to see if this tool could be the answer to his problem.

During the demo, Daniel sees that the key missing component in his scheduling is history. Engage WFM uses data from historical reports as well as the trends to properly forecast the expected call volume and to schedule the contact center to have the right number of agents working at the right time.

When agents call in sick his schedulers find other agents to cover the lost time and rearrange the entire schedule. The process is manual and arduous, requiring rearrangement of many agents’ time. Daniel realizes that they have been scheduling too many people to make the scheduling process easier.

Daniel discovers that Engage WFM can schedule the contact center in a matter of minutes. When someone calls in sick he can easily manage the intra-day schedule, rearrange a couple of breaks and lunches, and not have to go back and manually change and republish the schedule. He likes the ability for the system to send the schedule to each agent and send updates automatically when the schedule changes.

Knowing his agents are competitive, he introduces the gamification feature of the solution. The agents can be challenged and rewarded for meeting specific goals.

After deployment of the Engage WFM solution, the executive management team is extremely pleased with the results. The company has been able to reduce their labor expenses in the contact center by 25%! With more effective use of the workforce, they are able to expand the business and service new clients.


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