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Security of Sensitive Data

Engage WFO software protects call and screen records while recording and when stored with AES 256-bit encryption and with SSL encryption during transmission across networks. Strong access security features protect from unauthorized access.

The Challenge

Tim is the IT director for ACME, a business that provides outsourced Contact Center services for a variety of other organizations. ACME’s customers rely on Tim’s team to ensure the security of sensitive information that is processed by ACME’s contact center agents. Both the callers and ACME clients rely on Tim to ensure the Personal Health Information (PHI) and financial transaction data that are discussed with the agents are protected from potential hackers seeking unauthorized access to the data. Without this protection the callers can fall prey to identity theft and ACME’s clients may face stiff penalties.

ACME uses Engage WFO™ software from TelStrat to record all incoming and outgoing agent calls. Tim’s team bears the burden of protecting the data captured in these recorded interactions, so he contacts TelStrat to learn more about the safeguards they provide. After consulting with the TelStrat team, Tim understands his options and how he can effectively manage this risk.

The Security Solutions

TelStrat’s Engage WFO solution offers a variety of security options to help keep information private and available only to those with a legitimate purpose for it. These measures include:

• Integration with Active Directory for authentication
• Role-based User accounts that determine the capabilities of a user once logged in, including which recordings are accessible to that user
• Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection to the user interface
• Local authentication with configurable password rules (strength and expiration
• Block out capability. Administrators can suspend or delete a user’s access to the recorder with the click of a mouse.

These measures can effectively secure the sensitive data within the organization but Tim knows ACME also faces threats from forces outside the organization. In 2016 alone, payment card fraud cost more than $29 billion. With the threat of fines and criminal penalties for PCI and HIPAA violations, Tim simply can’t assume his firewall will adequately protect this data from the ever evolving tactics of hackers. To address these external threats there is another option:

• Encryption of recorded transactions

Encrypting the recordings provides protection in the event the recordings are hijacked. When the hacker attempts to play an encrypted recording, the playback is garbled and totally unrecognizable. To ensure superior protection, TelStrat’s Engage WFO solution delivers a 256- bit AES encryption algorithm that meets the most rigorous of security
standards, including those used by our customers at many highly-secure government agencies. The encryption provided with TelStrat’s Engage WFO is FIPS 140-2 compliant.


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