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Screen Capture Improves Average Handle Time

Engage Capture software records multiple desktop screens simultaneously, allowing supervisors to monitor and coach teams of agents. Team monitoring enables honing team skills, improving workflow, and guiding agents through complex tasks.

The Challenge

Tommy has implemented Engage Call Recording from TelStrat in his contact center. Through successful usage he has been able to identify specific training topics to improve his agent’s answers to the technical questions that his organization handles. Even with all of the improvements that have been seen, his average handle time (AHT) is still too high, and agents are spending too much time on each call. The high AHT means the agents take fewer calls and he needs more agents to do the work. He just can’t seem to zero in on the cause.

Tommy decides to consult with TelStrat, his WFO provider, to explore other tools to uncover the AHT problem. The TelStrat account manager explains that using Engage Screen Capture in conjunction with Call Recording will provide a more complete view of each agent transaction, allowing additional insights that the audio recording alone can’t provide. After seeing a demonstration of the capabilities, including the ability to capture multiple screens simultaneously, Tommy makes the determination to add Screen Capture to his WFO capabilities.

The Solution

Once the implementation of Engage Screen Capture is complete, he is quickly able to see the source of the AHT problem. His CRM system is not well organized, and the agents have to access several screens in order to enter all needed data. After consulting with the agents on the preferred ordering of information, his IT department is able to reorganize
the CRM data to support a streamlined workflow. The agents are no longer searching through the CRM database and are able to use the tool more efficiently, significantly reducing the average handle time.

Having addressed the primary cause of the high AHT, Tommy begins to review other anomalies that were uncovered by adding the screen capture application:

• One agent was playing video games during calls
• Another agent was instant messaging a friend during calls
• Two agents were surfing the web during calls

Tommy takes corrective action to retrain these agents and bring their performance in line with the rest of the organization. He is extremely pleased that his contact center is operating more efficiently through the use of screen capture in conjunction with his other Engage WFO tools. Tommy greatly appreciates the expertise of the TelStrat team and their consultative approach to finding the best solution for the specific needs of his contact center.


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