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Redundant Recording to Meet Service Commitments

Engage Record software provides rock-solid call recording easily tailored to support service excellence, policy adherence, and regulatory compliance. Recordings enable staff to resolve disputes quickly, support legal defense, and mine fresh business intelligence.

The Challenge

Jeanette is the call center manager for AgentSource, a major Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) company. AgentSource has just been awarded a large contract to run a calling campaign that will require 1,000 agents on three shifts throughout the day. The new client had a disappointing experience with their previous BPO who had an unreliable recording system, resulting in several instances where their calls were not recorded. It is critical to the client that 100% of the calls be recorded, so they have included a requirement for duplicate recording in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with AgentSource.

While Jeanette has extensive experience managing call center operations and providing needed tools to meet various SLAs, redundant recording is a an obligation she has not had to meet before. A review of her existing recording solution which is provided with AgentSource’s phone switch reveals that it is not capable of duplicate recording.

Understanding the importance of this client to AgentSource, Jeanette contacts her telephony provider to learn what other options are available to meet this client’s needs and allow her to secure this important contract.

The Solution

AgentSource’s telephony supplier is also a provider of Engage Recording and Workforce Optimization™ (WFO) from TelStrat. The supplier knows that TelStrat often demonstrates its flexibility in designing creative solutions to meet customer needs. They feel confident arranging a meeting with a TelStrat sales and technical team to provide an in-depth review of Jeannette’s current recording environment, and the new business needs generated by the stringent SLAs for the new prospective client.

The engineering teams at TelStrat are nimble and able to meet complex customer requirements in a variety of ways so that business productivity is enhanced. Within a week, TelStrat delivers a proposal to meet all of these requirements.

While the current recorder on the phone switch is using the active recording method, TelStrat offers a passive recording solution. Using port spanning for the telephone voice path (spanning the voice gateway), TelStrat’s Engage Record solution is capable of monitoring the API of the phone switch and receiving the voice traffic via a spanning port. Two NIC ports are used for each interface. Using this method, all of the voice traffic is available along with the API data for a complete recording with a complete set of metadata to make finding the calls a very easy task.

Working closely with the TelStrat implementation team, the AgentSource IT group deploys this solution and, in a short amount of time, Jeannette can assure her executive management team that they are fully equipped to meet the SLAs demanded by their new client. Understanding the complexities of the various technologies enables TelStrat to be innovative in ways that drive customer satisfaction quickly and accurately.


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