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Hosted WFO Yields Strategic Benefits

Engage WFO SaaS™ software delivers advanced call recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce management benefits without infrastructure investment. Lighten the load for your IT department and reduce CapEx expenditure.

The Challenge

Eric has been successfully managing a contact center for a number of years. He recently completed a project to contract with a service provider for his telephone and contact center application needs. By outsourcing these services, he has decreased expenses by not having a costly phone switch in his facility which required annual maintenance fees and a staff to maintain it.

Eric has limited resources and streamlines his contact center operations as much as possible. Since the switch to hosted telephony he has been able to reassign employees that used to work on the phone switch to more productive tasks while keeping his headcount steady. The savings he has realized have made his business more profitable than ever and his management is pleased.

Today a request is received from a new customer requiring that all of their phone calls be recorded. Eric is concerned that he will have to stand up new recording servers in his facility or invest in a costly virtual server, after just eliminating the phone switch. He could also have to reallocate IT staff to support a new recording solution and incur annual maintenance fees again. He sees all of his savings drifting away and contacts his service provider to see if they also offer a hosted call recording solution.

The Solution

Eric is relieved to learn that his provider offers not only hosted call recording but a complete workforce optimization suite, TelStrat’s Engage WFO™, deployed in their data center, connected to their phone switch. Eric’s fears of losing money, increasing staff, and maintaining servers go away as he realizes that he needs NO additional resources to achieve his customer’s requirements.

The provider explains that they offer Call Recording, PCI Compliance if he has that need, Quality Management to evaluate the performance of his employees during the phone calls, Workforce Management to properly staff and manage his contact center, Speech Analytics to understand what is happening in the phone calls, and Screen Capture to monitor his agent’s desktop computer activity during the phone calls.

Eric sees the value of these addition components and recognizes that he can offer better service to his customers via use of some of the other WFO features available to him. He chooses to begin with call recording, knowing that he can add any of the other features at any time. This offers him a new revenue source that he can make available to those customers who would like to use them.

Eric is also pleased that the service is available to him as part of his monthly phone bill. All of his telephony and WFO costs are easily managed on a monthly subscription basis. He does not have to capitalize and depreciate any new equipment. He can use his WFO solutions from his desktop computer by logging in to the system located in the cloud, and doing his work.

Another benefit is the ease of use of the system. He finds all of the functions of the recording solution to be easily adopted. The fact that there is no cost for user accounts to the system means that he can create an account for his customers to use so that they can access and listen to the recordings and see what a great job his team is doing for them.

Eric also can rest assured that with the geographic redundancy of the solution he doesn’t have to worry about recordings being lost or phone service being down.


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