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Employee Retention through Quality Management

Maintaining skilled and motivated customer service staff is key to a contact center’s success. With Engage Quality tools, motivating agents to achieve service excellence and efficient workflow ensures your organization stays ahead of competitors.

The Challenge

Cindy, the manager of a contact center, arrives at work to find another resignation letter on her desk. Her biggest challenge is how to keep agents on the job so that sales targets are attained and costs are minimized. She knows that it is common for contact centers to experience a churn rate of 29% or higher, and that her cost to hire and train a new agent is close to the industry average of $6,000. That means that she could spend $174,000 per year to maintain her 100-agent count.

She begins to do research to determine what tools are available to measure agents’ performance and develop skills where needed. Most importantly, how can she retain her best agents and help all of them to exceed their key performance indicators (KPIs)?

By consulting industry benchmark reports, Cindy discovers that agent turnover can be reduced by as much as 65% in organizations using employee engagement tools such as Workforce Optimization (WFO) software. In Cindy’s case, this could mean she will now only need to replace 10 agents per year, spending only $60,000 – an annual cost savings of $114,000.

Excited by the opportunity to reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction, Cindy investigates WFO solutions.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of WFO market leaders, Cindy’s organization makes a decision to implement Engage WFO, a Call Recording, Screen Capture, and Quality Management solution from TelStrat.

With Engage WFO, Cindy’s team can review the recordings together to develop a quality management program designed to measure performance and provide tools for skill development. They use the Engage Quality application to create a custom scoring form with a variety of questions relating to expected agent behaviors.

The quality management dashboard provides an instant indication of performance for the agents and evaluators. Cindy uncovers a number of opportunities for improvement:

• Agents often spend extra time processing calls trying to navigate through their CRM applications.
• The agents frequently forget to mention promotional offers that could lead to incremental sales.
• Some agents are not properly reading disclaimers required by regulatory agencies.

Using these insights, Cindy is able to provide coaching and training that results in a measurable decrease in call handle times, and an important increase in take rate of the promotions. And, the organization can be assured that their customer interactions are compliant with regulatory requirements.

With improved performance, agents are able to earn incentives, morale increases and attrition is reduced. Call recording can help any business improve their business practices and provide high quality service as well as provide useful tools to increase employee engagement.


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