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On Demand Recording for Management

On demand recording with Engage Record allows users to be in control of what conversations are recorded and who has access to those recordings. Exclusive Conversation Save™ technology provides recording of the entire call, even after the call has begun.

The Challenge

Floyd is the contact center manager for an insurance agency. Floyd’s company has used TelStrat’s Engage Call Recording for many years, and he enjoys the rich functionality of the solution which has allowed him to reduce his attrition rate and improve business practices.

Historically, the only calls that have been recorded at the agency are those within the contact center. Now the Director of Operations, Floyd’s boss, has requested the ability to record her calls, but not all of the time. She wants control of the recordings so that personal conversations or private business discussions are not recorded, and to even be able to record a call after it has started. She further wants to be the only one to listen to the recordings she makes. She asks Floyd to investigate the options available, as she knows he is the most knowledgeable on their recording system.

Floyd knows that On Demand recording is an option in the Engage solution, but it has never been used at his agency, so he contacts his TelStrat representative to get advice.

The Solution

After speaking with the TelStrat team, Floyd learns that Engage provides several options for On Demand recording:

Programming Features on the Phone Set
• Enable the Record button. With this feature, the Director can decide to record portions of the conversation by using the Record key like the record button on a tape recorder. The push-to-start/stop functionality means, for example, that critical information can be recorded without capturing all of the call where portions may be irrelevant to the business being discussed.
• Enable Conversation Save for the phone call. Using this feature, the Director can be on a call and decide late in the call that recording was needed. By pressing the Conversation Save button on the phone, the entire conversation is recorded regardless of when the feature was activated. As long as the call remains connected, the entire call is recorded. Also, once enabled, the feature can be disabled by pushing the button again, in case she decides later in the call that it didn’t need recording.

Loading the Engage On Demand Recording Client (ODRC)
• This feature allows the Director to not only have the functions available with the feature keys on the phone but also empowers her to add notations about the call that appear in the remark fields of the recording database. These “remarks” make the specific recordings easy to find when searching in the Engage database.

Providing Secure Access to Recordings
Floyd can configure a user account for the Director so that she sees only her own recordings. She will not be configured as part of a group so others will not see her recordings. Floyd learns that to further secure the recordings, after recording a call the Director can download it to her computer, and then delete it from the system.

The Director is pleased with the options presented and thanks Floyd for another job well done.


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