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Call Recording and Screen Capture for Webinars

Engage Record and Engage Capture, when used together, provide a synchronized audio and video recording which can be used to capture and share information beyond contact center interactions - in this case, an all-employee company webinar.

The Challenge

It’s benefit renewal time. Karina has worked closely with her benefits consultant to put together a package of benefits for her employees with the goal of making sure the employees are well serviced. It’s time to present the package to the team but with 100 employees around the world, getting everyone together in the same room is not practical. Many employees travel, work remotely, and are in a variety of time zones so at best only about half of the team can be assembled for the meeting. It’s not reasonable to ask the benefits agent to do the presentation multiple times and even if that could happen there will always be employees that cannot attend the meeting.

In order to make sure everyone is informed of the package and gets the information needed to enroll in the program in a timely manner, Karina knows she must find an efficient way to replicate the meeting without duplicating resources. Her company uses a free service for conference calls and web meetings. While it is a good value for one-time calls, the service does not provide the ability to record the sessions for future playback. She must find a way to record the meeting and be able to share with those employees that cannot attend live or via conference call. Karina doesn’t want to invest in a costly enterprise-grade conferencing system, so she contacts her IT group for their suggestions.

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The Solution

Karina’s technology manager tells her that she can leverage the existing investment the company has made in the Engage Call Recording and Screen Capture solution for this meeting. These tools will provide all the functionality she needs and are already available.

As the meeting begins, everyone who can attend joins the webinar and the slides are loaded onto Karina’s computer. Karina initiates the webinar, dials in, and presents the slides from her computer. With Engage Record collecting the audio portion of the meeting and also using Engage Capture to record her computer screen, the meeting is recorded. She has a copy readily available on the recording server.

Now that Karina has a copy of the recording, she must determine the best way to distribute it to all employees. The recorded file is too large for an email program to handle with both screen and audio being recorded, and she knows that her email application is set to strip out both very large files and video files due to potential harmful content.

Karina finds that rather than attaching the recorded file, she can email a link to the recording to the employees. From the Engage application, she launches a new email containing the link. She uses her address book to select all of the employees of the company, puts in a subject relating to the benefits meeting, types in a line or two and clicks send.

The employees who receive the email now have a link to the recorded benefits meeting. Since they are on the network with the recording server they need only click the link and the recorded meeting plays with full media player control. It’s as if the employees were in the meeting, being able to see everything that happened on Karina’s screen as well as hearing the clear audio of the meeting. Everyone has the opportunity to view the meeting…exactly as it occurred!


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