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Call Recording for Dispute Resolution

Engage Record software provides rock-solid call recording easily tailored to support service excellence, policy adherence, and regulatory compliance. Recordings enable staff to resolve disputes quickly, support legal defense, and mine fresh business intelligence.

The Challenge

In the middle of a very busy day, the manager of an auto parts supplier takes a call from a disgruntled customer. The customer is disputing the price billed for his new turbocharger. He says that on the phone he was told the price for the part was $495 but his credit card was charged $795. A huge difference! In the course of the discussion, the manager gathers as much information as possible including the order date, the person who provided the quote over the phone, and other relevant information that will help. The manager wants to find the answers to three important questions:

• How can he resolve this problem to the customer’s satisfaction while protecting the financial interests of the company?
• What is the price that was actually stated?
• How did this situation occur and how can he prevent it in the future?

The manager must consider all these variables, and he needs as much information as possible to make an informed decision about the proper resolution of the dispute.

The Solution

Fortunately, this business had invested in Engage WFO, a Workforce Optimization solution from TelStrat to measure and enhance interactions their representatives have with customers. As an additional benefit, the Engage Call Recording solution proves to be a powerful tool when the need arises to address misunderstandings or disputes such as this.
In this case, because all of their calls are recorded, the manager was able to quickly search and retrieve the information needed to make an informed decision to resolve the dispute.

Having the recorded phone calls available to review, managers are able to:

• Determine whether the employee quoted the proper price clearly and distinctly.
• Determine whether the customer acknowledges that he understands and accepts the price.

In this case, the manager determined that the correct price was quoted but apparently misunderstood by the customer. However, he makes a decision to offer a discount in order to earn the customer’s good will. While this may sacrifice some of the profit, the Manager is able to avoid a significant loss and keep the customer satisfied. Additionally, he provides coaching to his team, ensuring that they ask the customer to acknowledge the final cost before placing the order. In this way, he reduces the opportunity for disputes in the future.

Call recording can help any business improve their business practices and provide high quality service as well as provide needed information to make good decisions to resolve disputes.


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