TelStrat Has a Solution for Abandoned OAISYS Customers on ShoreTel

  • June 29th, 2017

    Written by TelStrat

    Mitel’s recent end-of-life (EOL) announcement for its OAISYS call recording and WFO solution on all non-Mitel platforms leaves OAISYS customers ABANDONED! Mitel will stop selling OAISYS on September 15, 2017 and will only support the product on a “best efforts” basis for possible service issues. OAISYS Customers – don’t become stranded with an unsupported system. TelStrat has your answer!


    As ShoreTel’s #1 global provider of Call Recording and Workforce Optimization components, with over 20,000 users on ShoreTel platforms, and as the embedded recording solution in ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, TelStrat is a trusted partner that will deliver long-term support and security for your peace of mind.


    Engage WFO, with its intuitive User Interface, provides easy access to advanced features and capabilities, offered in both customer premise and hosted deployments. In addition to call recording, Engage WFO offers optional components for:
    * Screen Capture of multiple desktops per agent
    * Live Monitoring of calls and screens
    * Quality Management including agent evaluations, coaching and e-learning
    * Desktop Analytics for PCI compliance and CRM integration
    * Workforce forecasting, scheduling and agent gamification



    To learn more about migration options from OAISYS to TelStrat’s Engage solution, join our webinar on Thursday, July 13 at 1pm CDT, “OAISYS End-of-Life on ShoreTel – What’s Your Next Move to Protect your Customers?” REGISTER NOW.


    The clock is ticking, but you can feel confident that you’ve got a rock-solid, cost-effective Call Recording and Workforce Optimization solution with TelStrat. And, for a limited time, TelStrat is offering a promotion for OAISYS customers who order before December 15, 2017 with an EVEN BIGGER discount for orders placed before September 30th!  Contact your communications provider or TelStrat today to begin planning your migration.


    Email or call 972.543.3500 to get started.