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Accurate, Reliable Workforce Management Software

Schedule and forecast for optimal performance.

Contact centers and back-offices need workforce scheduling and forecasting to meet service level commitments and budget requirements. Our workforce management software tools simplify creating efficient, effective customer service operations, while empowering and motivating agents to achieve more.

Schedule more accurately

With Engage Workforce Management (WFM) software you can accurately and easily schedule skilled agents to meet service levels. Algorithms combine historical and seasonal data, trends, and campaigns to predict future requirements. Wizard tools make forecasting simple. Create forecasts for any time interval. Schedules update instantly based on demand. Large enterprises can perform multi-site and multi-channel forecasting.

Simplify forecasting

Specify staff types, skill levels, contract requirements, languages, work rules, policies, and time-zone restrictions. Optimization tools support your business needs, agent preferences, and rules to create optimal schedules. With automated and cut-and-paste editing you mix and match schedules with great flexibility.

Adapt to intra-day changes

Agent scheduling software generate shifts from any mix of schedule activities. Review compliance to policies before committing to a schedule. Intra-day management enables proactive monitoring and real-time response. Quickly identify, evaluate, and resolve factors impacting performance.

Elevate current performance

With awareness of current activity and trending, you can respond effectively and quickly to issues. Dashboards display performance and trend information. Performance feedback comes as alerts and notifications so staff can view KPI rankings and monitor for risk and improvement. Current performance focuses on key events in live calls, such as sentiment, escalation attempts, compliance violations, and sales opportunities. Approved scripts are automatically presented to agents to ensure they adhere to policy and regulations.

Drive achievement with gamification

Studies show agents can meet and exceed expectations through game-like challenges to compete against prior performance, peers, and teams. Agents embrace gamification when recognition and rewards are given for attainment. Set achievement targets and automatically track actual performance against targets for schedule adherence, handled calls, and average handle time. Agents are notified of attainment and awarded badges.

Communicate on the go

Engage WFM Mobile Access software integrates with staff work calendars so they can view and update their schedules and communicate via text messages. You can check current status, modify schedules, and send notifications, as well as monitor real-time adherence to KPIs, correct problems, and coach during live interactions.

Refine strategic planning

Create unlimited what-if scenarios with long-term forecasts and staffing plans to evaluate budget impact before implementing. Calculate overall shrinkage, manage annual leave, and factor in agent efficiency adjustments. Analyze scenarios to find right balance between attrition, over-time, training, and hiring.


  • Optimal staffing
  • Accurate forecasts
  • On-demand scheduling

  • Greater productivity
  • Real-time adherence
  • Increased efficiency

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    Ultra-intuitive User Interface

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    PCI Compliance

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Flexible Deployment Options

Your Business. Your Choice.

  • In the Cloud

    As needs change, your contact centers may be virtualized into one.

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  • On Premise

    As needs change, Engage WFO flexes to fit your operations.

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