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Analytics Software for Improved Customer Engagement

Analyze interactions, detect trends, stay ahead of competition.

Customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty are prime goals of successful organizations. Analyzing your customer interactions ensures you are among the winners. Know your customers’ issues. Detect trends early and respond quickly, appropriately, and effectively. Powerful interaction analytics build competitive advantage.

Discover insights with speech analytics software

Engage Speech Analytics software locates words and phrases in call recordings, helping uncover fresh insights for improving products and services, reducing litigation risks, and increasing customer satisfaction. Identify trends and root causes of customer experiences. Customizing search categories empowers you to find feedback and insights relevant to business improvement and success.

Analyze every interaction

Tap valuable customer feedback and insights that otherwise would be lost in volumes of archived recordings. With Engage Speech Analytics software you can process key search criteria against all of your voice content that helps you:

  • Find customer issues and emerging trends quickly.
  • Automatically monitor compliance to policies and regulations.
  • Find ‘best’ or ‘worst’ interactions for best practice training.
  • Mine call recordings for fresh competitive and industry intelligence.

Automate QA for efficiency & consistency

Large enterprises that want to analyze every customer interaction, categorize contacts, and score agent handling can do so efficiently with Engage Analyze Pro software. Its automatic processing provides consistent objective analysis of all interactions and timely KPI status reporting on essential quality factors, such as policy adherence and service level, which can be shared appropriately across the enterprise. Use Analyze Pro software to raise your Net Promoter score, reduce customer effort, and increase customer retention.

Monitor what’s trending

With Analyze Pro Live’s real-time call analysis your service team receives alerts seconds after key terms and phrases occur. Supervisors can intercept escalations, intervene on ‘hot’ calls and those containing profanity, provide time-sensitive and script reminders to agents, intervene in calls with compliance breaches, save accounts at risk, and identify appropriate offers for up- and cross-selling. With Analyze Pro Live software your staff is able to quickly identify emerging topics, create transcripts, and analyze trends. Win opportunities to gain advantage over competitors. Respond quickly to reaction to marketing campaigns and product introductions. Minimize negative impacts from marketplace events via early detection of feedback.

Automate CRM integration

Engage Desktop Analytics software optimizes workflow by pulling customer data from CRM and other applications and linking it to contact recordings so they may be retrieved easily. For example, find interactions by unique and meaningful customer information such as name, customer ID, policy number etc. Desktop analytics software automatically captures, censors, tags, organizes, and maps activity to automate work processes, extract data, and link related interactions.

Playback recordings within your CRM

You can link call recordings to account records to build and maintain complete and convenient views of your customers’ experiences and journeys. Engage inserts URL recording link into customer records for easy, reliable playback, accessible only by authorized staff.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Engage Desktop Analytics software makes it easy to control pausing of interaction recording to meet compliance standards automatically—without risk of user oversight. Engage software censors sensitive data in both voice and screen recordings for compliance with laws requiring contact centers to inform customers, record calls, and not record sensitive information.


Use Engage Desktop Analytics software to ensure compliance with:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)


  • Ensure Adherence
  • Increase FCR & CSAT
  • Discover Intelligence

  • Detect Trends
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Automate QA

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    Ultra-intuitive User Interface

    Search, retrieve, and playback recordings.

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  • Use Case

    PCI Compliance

    Read our Use Case about Achieving PCI Compliance with Call Recording

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    TelStrat Named to "20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers 2017"

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Flexible Deployment Options

Your Business. Your Choice.

  • In the Cloud

    As needs change, your contact centers may be virtualized into one.

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  • On Premise

    As needs change, Engage WFO flexes to fit your operations.

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