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Telecom Reseller Podcast – TelStrat Goes WFO SaaS

  • February 24th, 2017

    $6,000 per agent. That’s what TelStrat’s Mike Berlin says it costs a company to replace a contact center agent. Fighting turnover, improving the quality of life for agents and fighting the terrific costs of turnover is what TelStrat has been doing for over a quarter of a century. The company originally did this with hardware and then became a software firm. Today, TelStrat’s model now includes a SaaS model, allowing customers to do pay/go while continuously enjoying the latest versions and deep support.


    In this podcast, Berlin discusses the changing landscape of workforce optimization, the impact of regulatory requirements in key industries such as finance and health care, and how TelStrat helps customers match those challenges, with products that save money and improve productivity. We look at how TelStrat’s newest options are more robust and hardened for security than ever before. We also learn about TelStrat’s deep relationship with Avaya, and the related role of offering speech analytics to Avaya users. “Blue, red, purple,” Berlin comments, TelStrat can offer a solution that works across all the installed servers an enterprise may have. TelStrat can centralize mission critical solutions and provide same experience information from across a diverse multi-vendor platform. We learn about Engage 6.1 and how the new release brings forward a solution that really retires the need for more expensive hardware solutions.


    TelStrat is an Avaya DevConnect Partner.


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