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Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology Deploys Engage WFO to Support its Growing Tech Support Center

From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, Trapp Technology supplies the very best cloud, VoIP, IaaS, and IT managed services to provide a true all-in-one IT solution for businesses who seek to cut IT costs and leverage technology to grow revenues. Trapp Technology is dedicated to “redefining IT solutions for business” by delivering comprehensive IT, voice, and cloud services to meet evolving market demands and exceed their customers’ highest expectations. Trapp Technology’s services are selected by a growing number of medium- to-large businesses who have decided to outsource more IT infrastructure and application management services to reduce their total cost of ownership and free up internal resources. Trapp Technology is the choice of organizations seeking expertise and technical support to quickly complete complex IT projects. The firm sees it mission as being an industry leader in bringing affordable, enterprise-level technology and IT services to businesses of all sizes, budgets, and industries.

"TelStrat has been a very reliable partner whose flexible contact center technology
contributes to our successful expansion. The system is highly scalable to support our
growth. The initial implementation went smoothly, and our agents quickly became more
productive. We are extremely pleased with Engage WFO."

Jason Claiborne, Manager, TRAPP ONLINE Technical Support Center

The Challenge

Growing at a double-digit rate, Trapp Technology needed to expand its capacity for customer product and service implementation and ongoing technical support and training. As a Cisco products reseller and an online services provider, Trapp wanted a technical support contact center interaction recording and quality management solution that would fit well with its Cisco environment.

While ninety percent of customer contacts were historically inbound technical support calls, Trapp needed a flexible solution that could easily support a new initiative to sell its growing portfolio of products and services through outbound telemarketing campaigns. The solution must have robust call interaction and agent screen recording with integrated service quality management and agent training and coaching. Initially, the workforce optimization system would need to support handling 35,000 customer contacts annually, but must have the ability to easily scale to support Trapp Technology’s rapid growth.

The Solution

In early 2016, Trapp Technology began searching for an optimal solution to meet all these requirements. Soon it selected TelStrat’s Engage WFO™, a proven workforce optimization system with all the required capabilities and a professional services team experienced in supporting growing technical and training support centers. Trapp implemented twenty agent seats and began planning to expand with additional staff to support its new outbound marketing campaigns.

Engage WFO is now deployed on an internal application server linked to a virtualized database server and integrated with TRAPP ONLINE’s Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Built-in-Bridge telephony platform. The service provides call recording and quality management of twenty customer support agents and ten telemarketing agents.

“The Engage WFO call recording solution was easy for us to deploy,” explains Jason Claiborne, Trapp Technology Technical Support Manager who oversaw implementation of the system. “TelStrat made it easy to set up our users to become productive with our Engage WFO deployment. Center staff quickly adapted to its intuitive navigation and workflow. We are pleased with this very positive outcome.”

The Results

Engage WFO proved easy to learn and use. “The search filtering makes it possible to quickly select groups of recordings to find specific recordings made by specific agents on specific dates and times,” explains Claiborne.

Reviewing and evaluating call recordings is an excellent way to be able to give constructive feedback to agents. “I can quickly follow up when there is an issue. It is a great way to validate work processes. Reviewing recordings enables our team to provide coaching and training of new agents in best practices using examples of experienced agents’ best call handling.”

The Future

Trapp Technology intends to expand its use of Engage WFO to include supporting compliance recording for its customers in many regulated industries.


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