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Broad River Retail (Ashey HomeStore)

Leading Furniture Retailer Improves Service Levels with TelStrat’s Engage WFO™

Broad River Retail is the largest independent licensee of Ashley HomeStore with 18 locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Fort Mill, S.C, the privately held company employs over 500 at its stores, distribution center and corporate office.

"These tools allow us to run our department as efficiently and effectively as
possible. Ultimately, that translates into financial benefits as we are able to
improve service with the same (or less) staff."

Wynn White, Broad River Retail Sr. Manager of Customer Experience

The Challenge

Broad River Retail has a 50+ person contact center located in its headquarters in Fort Mill, S.C. Agents field a variety of inbound calls that include taking calls for all of the retail stores, customers who want to understand order status or who have questions about deliveries. The agents also place outbound calls to inform customers of the status of orders or delivery dates, as well as respond to email inquiries.

In 2017, the contact center was nearing capacity in their existing space, and the management team was given a goal: Maximize current productivity without adding staff or negatively impacting service levels. However, the management team didn’t have the desired systems and reporting to measure and drive performance improvements. Spreadsheets were used for scheduling and QA assessments. Training assignments were sent out via email with no way of tracking completion. Analysis and reporting was heavily dependent on manual consolidation of data.

Wynn White, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience, began looking for a state-of-the-art technology for interaction recording, quality management, and workforce management. She wanted a solution that had the depth of features available for larger organizations, but not labor intensive to learn and manage, given the size of their current team. They also needed a solution that was scalable to support future growth.

The Solution

After an extensive evaluation, White and her team chose TelStrat’s Engage WFO for their Contact Center. They initially implemented 100% call recording, screen capture and live monitoring along with quality evaluations, coaching and eLearning components. A month later they added workforce management for forecasting and scheduling, and an agent self-serve component to allow automated time off requests and shift trades. Also included is an extensive set of management reports that provide in-depth analysis and dashboards for at-a-glance monitoring.

The Results

Within two months, the entire solution was being used across the center, and the impact was immediate. “The tools are easy to use and logical to navigate. And it doesn’t require a large team to administer!” said White. “It has helped us elevate our contact center performance to a much higher level.” Since implementing the systems, they have been able to roll out official performance standards and incentives because now everyone (agents, supervisors, and managers) has the tools they need to monitor and measure all areas of performance.

Other benefits include:
* Scheduling optimization resulted in improved service levels. As much as 20% improvement gains made in 2018 vs. 2017 without adding staff members.
* Ability to see call volume / staffing levels at any time and make intra-day adjustments if needed.
* Daily attendance rates have increased and attrition decreased because agents can manage their time themselves for an improved work-life

White and team have put a great emphasis on agent performance improvement. She says, “The amount and quality of the feedback for coaching agents is more robust, specific and measurable, no longer subjective or anecdotal.”

Evaluation questions are categorized by skill (knowledge, accuracy, etc.) and are able to be customized for specific programs and call types. They are also building an extensive eLearning library to complement the evaluations and coaching.

Engage Quality Dashboard

What's Next

The team at Broad River Retail are continuing to innovate to maintain a competitive edge. They are piloting a remote agent program to increase human capital without expanding their physical footprint. They are also evaluating additional technology solutions such as a new ticketing system and speech analytics. They also have a Voice of the Customer initiative to fully understand and influence the customer experience. And, they are sharing their experiences with other Ashley licensees who are interested in implementing the same best practices.


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