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Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

Engage WFO provides intensive care for healthcare call centers.

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital offers a full range of services from acute care and obstetrics to cardiac and emergency care. It is committed to providing excellence in patient care to the communities served.

"We put Engage WFO in our call center, implemented full call recording, and had the center in shape in less than two months. It’s been wonderful. We’re very happy!"

Lynne Ho, Telephone Systems Manager

The Enterprise

Founded on Seventh-day Adventist health values, Adventist Health is a faith-based, not-for- profit, integrated healthcare delivery system headquartered in Roseville, California.

Working in 19 hospitals and 280 clinics, 28,600 employees provide care in communities throughout California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

The Challenge

Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois, was in a bind. The quality monitoring capability of their call center’s existing call recording solution was proving inflexible.  And, storing the thousands of recorded customer service interactions required extensive physical space.

The Solution

Consequently, Hinsdale decided to work with Southwestern Bell Communications, the hospital’s telecommunications provider, to assess the capabilities of several of voice recording and quality management solutions that could meet the hospital’s call recording, service quality assurance needs, regulatory compliance, and budget requirements.

They concluded that TelStrat’s Engage WFO call recording, with its flexible monitoring alternatives, extensive recording options, and DVD storage of archived calls would best meet Hinsdale’s needs.

Engage WFO gives Hinsdale’s Telephone Systems Department the quality management, coaching, and learning tools they need to effectively and efficiently provide appropriate contact handling skills training to the hospital’s contact center agents and to evaluate ongoing performance.

Adventist Health was converting from Nortel digital to Cisco IP phones and decided to use Engage in this hybrid environment to support the needs of several regional hospitals, each with independent phone systems while recording all calls to a centralized Engage solution.

The Results

Hinsdale now uses Engage Quality for monitoring Quality of Service and determining merit raises for agents.

Engage WFO also is enabling the hospital to record and monitor calls coming in on its main number, its information desks, as well as to what Ms. Ho refers to as “overall help-me locations.”  As she explains, “If someone gets wrong information, they say, ‘Well, the operator said so.’ By using Engage WFO we can to quickly determine where that call went in the hospital. This capability has made it much easier to improve our customer service quality by enabling us to promptly find and correct sources of incorrect information.”

Improved contact center management through implementing Engage WFO has optimized call handling at Hinsdale Hospital, bringing greater efficiency, better customer service, and increased success.

The Benefits

  • Improved service with enhanced QA and coaching
  • Liability risk reduction with 100% recording
  • HIPAA compliance with desktop analytics and encryption


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