Advantages of WFO in the Cloud

  • December 15th, 2016

    Written by TelStrat

    The software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional perpetual licensing for cloud-based workforce optimization solutions. Consider the big advantages that make subscribing to a cloud-based solution easy and cost-effective:

    * Eliminate capital cost: Receive your tailored solution on a subscription plan with only a periodic subscription fee and one-time setup fee due at the outset. The subscription replaces an annual maintenance agreement of a perpetual licensed solution while the solution is kept current. Plus, the subscription is a tax-deductible operating expense.


    * Select a subscription length that best fits your operation: Chose single or multiple year terms for greater flexibility to alter your solution’s configuration to match your changing capacity requirements.


    * Receive same support and upgrades: Subscribers receive the quality support, product upgrades, and education programs available to traditional licensees.


    * Suitable for every organization: Subscriptions favor customers replacing antiquated or expensive systems while under budget constraints. A subscription enables users to ‘try on’ the innovative solution without long-term commitment. And, it aligns with enterprises preferring to budget for recurring expenditures.