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  • Integrating Call Recording with Other Applications

    Engage Desktop Analytics software optimizes workflow by pulling customer data from CRM and other applications and linking it to contact recordings to build and maintain complete and convenient views of your customers’ experiences and journeys.

  • Hosted WFO Yields Strategic Benefits

    Engage WFO SaaS™ software delivers advanced call recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce management benefits without infrastructure investment. Lighten the load for your IT department and reduce CapEx expenditure.

  • Using Workforce Management for Efficient Scheduling

    With Engage Workforce Management software you can accurately and easily schedule skilled agents to meet service levels. Wizard tools make forecasting simple. Schedules update instantly based on demand.

  • Mitigating Complaint Calls with Speech Analytics

    Engage Speech Analytics software locates words and phrases in call recordings, helping uncover fresh insights for improving products and services, reducing litigation, and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Live Monitoring Calls for Performance Improvement

    Monitoring of agents’ calls, coupled with Engage Coaching and e-Learning software, equips agents with knowledge and tools to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, fostering better performance, empowerment and morale.

  • On Demand Recording for Management

    On demand recording with Engage Record allows users to be in control of what conversations are recorded and who has access to those recordings. Exclusive Conversation Save™ technology provides recording of the entire call, even after the call has begun.


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