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Not Your Legacy Call Center


Customer service excellence, agent efficiency and adherence, no matter what your business.


Call centers support organizations’ customer service beyond telemarketing and help desks. Hospitals provide customer service lines for patients, utility companies diagnose outages remotely, and automobile service centers proactively schedule repair service.  Multi-channel contact centers are used by organizations across many industries. For these diverse businesses, compliance and liability recording are essential to sustain organizational well-being and delivery of exemplary customer service.

Business Process Outsourcers

Customer service excellence, agent efficiency and adherence, and technology ease-of-use are all critical to contact center Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). Engage WFO supports PCI, HIPAA, and other industry compliance regulations to protect sensitive data. Customizable evaluations pinpoint agent’s strengths as well as skill sets in need of attention for ongoing quality improvement. An intuitive user interface and at-a-glance KPI dashboards reduce training time and provide rapid time-to-benefit.

Financial Services

Credit unions and collections agencies are subject to strict regulations with respect to security and advisement of customer rights. Agents must adhere to scripts in which they make statements that comply with consumer protection regulations. Engage WFO allows financial institutions to ensure compliance with industry regulations as well as protect sensitive customer information through multiple security safeguards.


Cities, counties, states, and federal agencies and departments are required to record interactions with their constituencies. Some jurisdictions monitor calls, while others require long-term record retention. Engage WFO simplifies search and retrieval of call recordings for review when needed. Advanced speech analytics can also be used to mine data for trends and topics of interest.


Hotels and other hospitality firms with reservation systems can use Engage WFO call recordings to confirm that guests receive agreed-to accommodations and at quoted rates. Engage ensure that guest payments made over the telephone are handled so as to protect guest privacy and sensitive payment card data in compliance with PCI security standards.


Healthcare delivery organizations seek to provide high-quality, cost-effective care. Clinic and hospital contact centers ensure patients are admitted expeditiously to appropriate departments. Engage call recording and WFO capabilities help ensure quality service and identify gaps in staff training to improve the triage experience for patients and doctors.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities must respond to a wide range of inquiries and issues students, parents, and alumni. Customer services are provided through cross-departmental contact centers. The advanced call recording capabilities from Engage WFO ensure that deployed services meet compliance and security standards and capture feedback for continuous improvements.


Maintaining satisfaction and loyalty is important to insurers who receive premium payments from customers over the phone. PCI compliance is essential to protect customer sensitive payment card data. Transaction recordings must be handled and retained securely. These are only a few of the benefits Insurance companies can derive from Engage WFO.


Engage call recording and quality management enables consumer goods manufacturer help desks to apply key performance metrics such as average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR). This achieves overall efficiency and productivity gains, and results in improved customer satisfaction and staff retention.


Ensuring reliable service delivery and responsiveness to service interruptions requires a highly-resilient call recording solution with easy access to all recordings. Many utility providers have multi-site network requirements that require flexible and scalable solutions. Engage WFO delivers rock-solid recording and quality monitoring. Online tools for training agents for adherence to service standards is essential for meeting customer expectations.

Retail Services

Online shopping services with subscribers worldwide require delivering the best-possible customer experience. Engage WFO provides 100% interaction recording. The automated quality assurance of service agents and skills-based scheduling ensures customer contact handling adheres to best-practice standards, mitigates litigation risk, and complies with PCI transaction processing requirements.

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    Quality and Security

    Tufts Medical Center increased service quality and ensured HIPAA compliance.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Your Business. Your Choice.

  • In the Cloud

    As needs change, your contact centers may be virtualized into one.

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    As needs change, Engage WFO flexes to fit your operations.

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