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Engage QualityA total Quality Management (QM) program is a powerful tool for businesses in any industry to increase customer satisfaction, drive increased sales, and build customer loyalty. Ensuring the highest levels of quality in customer interactions is a team effort requiring a total commitment from individuals and groups across the organization. TelStrat's Engage Quality equips your contact center with the tools you need to optimize customer interactions and your overall organization.

  • Evaluate agents with comprehensive, skills-based agent assessment
  • Coach agents with timely feedback and highlighted call segments
  • Train with E-Learning using actual customer interactions or your customized library content
  • Report and analyze in-depth performance trends in a fully customized format

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Engage Quality is fully integrated with Engage Record and Engage Capture , allowing review of synchronized voice and screen interactions. Evaluations may be selected at random or targeted based on specific criteria. Engage Quality's Web 2.0 interface ensures an accessible, intuitive user experience.

NOTE: Engage Score customers under current maintenance can upgrade to Engage Quality. 


Comprehensive evaluation boosts agent performance. Engage Quality is so easy to use that evaluators can perform evaluations with minimal training, and building customized evaluation forms is so intuitive this activity becomes almost effortless.

Key Features:

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  • Organize weighted scoring options by question, group, skill type or overall evaluation
  • Exclude non-applicable questions from the final scores
  • Track critical errors using the "Auto Fail" feature
  • Ensure consistency with customized pop-up scoring guidance
  • Evaluate live calls to curb errors at the onset
  • Simplify evaluation form creation to a matter of minutes
  • Utilize unlimited complimentary evaluator licenses for scorers and coaches

Creating the Evaluation Form:

Quickly and effortlessly customize existing evaluation forms, or build entirely new forms. Easily organize each question for reporting purposes by:

  • Grouping questions into relevant question groups such as introduction, order taking, and conclusion.
  • Classifying questions into color-coded skill types such as procedural adherence, listening skills, problem solving, etc.
  • Categorizing evaluations for example by reason (random QA, complaint, excessive duration, etc.)
  • Adding custom scoring hints and guidelines to any question for consistent scoring.

Select common weighted scoring modes such as yes/no, 1-5, etc. or quickly customize to your own weights and measures. The form builder's auto-repeat function lets users rapidly build similar questions.

For critical customer interaction performance issues, where failing a question should result in an automatic failure of the evaluation, an "Auto Fail" feature can be selected with optional 0 score.

Choose which evaluation data is displayed in the printed and online evaluation, for example, to keep the evaluator name confidential.

Conducting the Evaluation:

While scoring the call, evaluators have the opportunity to:

  • Score each question or choose "not applicable" with a click of a button
  • Add comments to substantiate the score of individual questions or to the evaluation summary
  • Attach a portion of the call that supports a specific question score or the overall score
  • Designate E-Learning assignments to aid agents' performance improvement
  • Review per question scoring guidance to ensure evaluation consistency
  • Record and track "Auto Fail" scores for your critical issues

Scores are totaled automatically, providing multi-level scores for evaluation groupings, as well as the total score.

Evaluation Security:

To secure changes to entered scores, each evaluation can be locked upon completion or after a specific date for a review period. Changes made during this period are tracked and reports can show who is changing evaluations, how they are changing them, and which agents' evaluations are being changed.

Maintaining Consistency:

Each question can have an evaluator guidance tip which clarifies what a question is measuring and provides guidelines for scoring. Guidance tips are user-customizable per question to help maintain consistent scoring.



Continuous, timely encouragement or correction, along with solution-based training, are vital to elevating agent performance. Engage Quality makes it easy for coaches to provide immediate feedback and annotate observations for quick, clear agent coaching. The included E-Learning capabilities simplify assigning exercises and tracking completion, and feature a library to centralize your contact centers' most current E-Learning content.

Key Features:

  • Add comments and highlighted call segments to any evaluation question
  • Import any type of learning material into a virtually limitless E-Learning Library
  • Categorize library information on a shared server to promote current policies
  • Deliver custom-selected training to agents in their "My Engage" home page
  • Choose a due date to confirm timely assignment completion
  • Track agent progress on each e-learning assignment

Engage Quality's web-based interface makes coaching off-site employees as simple as coaching on-site employees. Evaluators can readily provide specific feedback to prepare an agent for future challenging interactions. Supervisors can easily send agents comments, announcements, exercises, highlighted call segments, or entire evaluations with notes of improvement.

Engage Quality includes a complimentary Engage E-Learning Library tool that imports existing training materials in matter of minutes to a shared server. Import any type of learning content—videos, audio, documents, spreadsheets, web link, or call recordings and screen captures--into the Engage Quality E-Learning Library using the simple to use content management system.

Efficiently file related material into folders and organize the most updated training in one place. As training is updated, only one global document is stored in the library saving storage space and making document management easy.

Coaches are able to assign e-learning material to any or all users, select an optional due date, track agent assignment completion, and report to other users that are responsible for these agents.

The agent's "My Engage" home page lists pending and completed learning assignments awaiting an agent's review anytime. An agent may include feedback comments and the assignment originator has the ability to require signature verification of assignment completion.



In-depth data and analysis provides management and Quality Assurance teams the means to see beyond symptoms to a problem's root cause. Engage Quality's extensive custom reporting lets you mine in-depth data to create shared or private reports on all aspects of a total Quality Management program. Use Engage Quality's built-in reports or quickly and easily create custom reports to track agents, teams, or evaluators.

Key Features:

  • Start reporting instantly with extensive built-in reports
  • Create detailed custom reports in a snap
  • Protect report integrity with secured access and ownership locks
  • Track evaluation changes to investigate altered scores
  • Share report results via emailing, printing or exporting to common file formats
  • Access and export source data easily to integrate into other corporate reporting

Use the extensive built-in reports or readily modify them as needed. Engage Quality makes it simple to pre-configure your monthly reports and then run them with a single mouse click. Existing reports are easily duplicated and modified to provide the precise data desired.

  • Choose the data to report (total score, question group score, score by skill type, scores compared on a per question basis, total evaluations completed, etc.)
  • Choose how to compare the data (by team, by agent, by evaluator, etc.).
  • Choose how to display the data (table, bar graph, column graph, line graph, etc.)
  • Select a date range (custom date range, last month, this month, last quarter, this quarter, etc.)
  • Select trending options such as report the data per month, quarter, year, or week
  • Filter the data for specific teams, agents, evaluators, evaluation forms, custom evaluation categories
  • Save report settings to a personal folder or share with others in the organization

Each report owner can secure a report template by designating private or public access. Each report template has an optional ownership lock, ensuring settings can't be changed by another user.

Once crafted, the report can be shared online, emailed to interested parties, exported to common file formats, or printed directly to a printer. The source data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional customization if desired.


Quality Management is a long-term investment that takes all employees to manage and measure quality processes. Engage Quality's one-package, one-price solution provides tools you can use to delight your customers while maximizing the bottom line.

Engage Quality—One Package. One Price. Total QM.

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