Ensuring Efficient Call Handling

Engage Contact Center Suite Market research reveals that most contact centers have similar goals, but those goals are often in direct conflict with each other. While one hand is trying to increase revenue and reduce expenses, the other is trying to improve customer satisfaction. It’s very hard to increase customer satisfaction when the agent is in a hurry to complete the call and the customer wants more information.

The wide variety of customer responses and the complexity of the agent’s desktop are two of the biggest obstacles to agent productivity. Agents must solve customer questions that may not be in the agent’s script using a confusing array of cumbersome screens just to fulfill one customer interaction. Agents may be required to enter the same information on numerous screens because the applications cannot “talk” to each other. The time training a new agent to become fully productive grows exponentially with the complexity of the customer’s questions and learning the required desktop applications.

To increase agent productivity, consistency, and overall call efficiency, Engage Contact Center Suite from TelStrat provides:

Engage Assist Engage Assist bolsters the call agent productivity by dynamic, automated scripting with “If-Then-Else” logic; and it simplifies the agent’s desktop by showing all customer data and processes on one screen. Processes and messages run in the background as the call proceeds. Whether the call is handled by a new or seasoned agent, Engage Assist’s call automation ensures rapid and accurate call handling by automatically triggering important call actions such as recording start/stop and other processes.